David M.Green Bookkeeping and Tax Service -
Penn Dot Full Agent Services
Transfer Title
Transfer Title issue, new plate
Add a Lien
Transfer Title and existing registration plate
Transfer registration plate,same owner
Transfer registration plate,same owner,upgrade plate
Request duplicate Title
Correction of Title
Registration (renew registration or issue new plate)
Replace registration card
Replace registration plate or sticker
Duplicate non-commercial driver's license
Change address on vehicle registration or driver's license
David M.Green Bookkeeping and Tax Service is offering Penn Dot Online Services for faster turn around.We are able to print  car registrations on the spot and give out permanent plates with expiration stickers.Also you will receive car titles back with 7-10 days instead of 2 months.The online services are currently in place.


Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles
New Title
Duplicate Title
Registration (2 Year Registration)
New Plate
Add a Lien
Transfer Fee
Replacement Registration Card
Replacement Expiration Sticker
Replacement Registration Number