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Finally you can painlessly record all of your tax-related expenses and report them securely to your preparer. Keeping accurate records means you’re less likely to be a target for an IRS audit, too.

Tax Pocket for iPhone and Android makes your phone a personal assistant collecting, organizing, storing, and sending your yearly records. Use our Free app, TaxPocket, to track your mileage and expenses.(This is a smart phone app, so it only works when downloaded to your phone.)When you are ready to download the app on your smartphone: Download Tax Pocket on your smartphone from your App Store. Search for Tax Professional by Contact Details using either the name “ David M. Green Bookkeeping and Tax Service” or the ID of “91873”.Then hit the "i" icon to "Make this my tax professional". Now you are ready to start recording mileage and expenses! It's FREE and Easy to do!!!!

David M. Green Bookkeeping and Tax Service

20 Expedition Trail

Suite 110 B

Gettysburg, Pa 17325

Office: (717) 334-4650

Fax: (717) 334-4652

Mobile: (717) 398-8672

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